Pilot Plant update – DLE Contracts Awarded and Progress Made

2nd December 2021

In early July 2021 GeoCubed worked with Geothermal Engineering Limited (GEL) and Cornish Lithium Ltd. (Cornish Lithium) to obtain a large scale deep geothermal waters sample, during the flow test GEL performed on their wells. The flow test lasted a week and during that time GeoCubed managed to capture and store 140 cubic metres of deep geothermal water at the Cornish Lithium site in United Downs.

Also in July (which was a busy period!) GeoCubed awarded a contract to GeoLith to provide their Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology as the heart of the proposed Pilot Plant, to produce lithium from the deep geothermal water. The DLE unit has passed its testing and is going to be in the UK in mid-December, a great Christmas present for the company.

More recently, we awarded a contract to Ross-Sire Engineering (RSE) to produce the rest of the Pilot Plant (including  filters, heaters, pumps, etc.) which will be located at the CLL site in United Downs and commissioned by the end of March 2022.

In December we will also be constructing a small lab and workshop on the site, so it’s all go for GeoCubed at the moment, as we progress as planned to deliver the Pilot Plant.

Below are various pictures of the progress so far.

The two tanks containing the deep geothermal water from GEL’s well.
A drawing of the proposed DLE Pilot Plant
The GeoLith DLE skid undergoing testing in France

Delivering sustainable lithium

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